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2022 about a hundred dollars of men’s necklace recommended

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When it comes to jewelry, most think of the dazzling jewelry worn by women. But in fact, the use of jewelry for men in ancient times is quite high. Emperors would reward men with jewelry when they won a battle or won a prize. Henry VIII of the Tudors would personally choose the jewelry he wore before each battle. In ancient times, jewelry for men was as much a symbol of warrior as anything else.

In modern times, with the influence of popular fashion, the demand for men’s jewelry is increasing day by day. Men’s jewelry is an expression of personal taste and style. Today, we will explain in detail how to choose the right bracelet/necklace/ring for you to add points and show style? We mainly explain the choice of necklace today.

Necklaces can be used as a visual centerpiece to create.

One of the key points of men’s wear is to use accessories to enhance the image. Especially the necklace located in the visual center of the overall look, choose the right style, you can make the wearer instantly from mediocre to fashionable charm.

The first time to wear a necklace do not know how to make a choice, you can first consider the vegetarian chain.

For example, the classic and simple box chain. Box chain is characterized by strong and sturdy, smooth and light. Each section is like a small box, densely arranged and woven.

A high-quality simple plain chain, whether it is a student party, work party can be very good to manage.

For example, this silver box chain from AWNL, a Scandinavian light luxury jewelry, has a high quality texture and modern geometric shape, which is versatile and not picky. As a native Scandinavian brand, AWNL upholds the Scandinavian design style, classic and durable, especially suitable for men need low-key luxury jewelry style. Pay attention to the size and length of the necklace, to just form a mismatch with the collar. After the fumbling period, enter the advanced period. If you want to show your difference, you can choose men’s necklaces with individual shapes or niche materials.

KING BABY Star of David flame necklace, the design is rooted in the spirit of the open road to freedom and rock and roll, and becomes part of the wearer’s personality. Star of David. A six-mango star shape formed by the crossover of two equilateral triangles. One triangle of the Star of David symbolizes God, the world and man, while the other triangle symbolizes creation, the apocalypse and salvation. The hexagram combined with the flame turns an unexpected concept into a novel and unique style.

The choice of niche materials is meant to distinguish them from the common ones. One of the most legendary is the heavenly meteorite. The most distinctive feature of Nordic AWNL is the meteorite jewelry.

The Nordic M meteorite used by AWNL is the oldest and most beautiful meteorite ever discovered by man. It came to Earth a million years ago and to the Arctic Circle a million years ago, and took four ice ages to be unearthed, with the power to fulfill dreams and guard.

The Vistadon texture on the M meteorite, formed by slow cooling after descending to Earth a million years ago, is crisscrossed with personality.

This Time Arrow meteorite necklace from their house carries the legendary M meteorite in the shape of a Stone Age arrow. The arrow signifies travel through time and space, “from prehistoric civilization, speeding forward to the infinite possibilities of the future”. In Norse culture, when the arrow is held in the hands of the gods, it is a symbol of truth and protection. When the arrow is held in the hands of humans, it is a symbol of power. Wear this super-cool meteorite necklace, let it provide you with kinetic energy, enhance your courage and strength, and help you succeed and breakthrough in your career.

Those who know how to cut meteorites know the stringency of the process required, and one of the important reasons why AWNL’s meteorite jewelry is able to achieve global popularity is that they insist on using exclusive techniques, high requirements and absolute rigor, and are fully committed to making everything perfect. They also have a Vajra M meteorite auspicious necklace, inspired by the Tantric pestle and mortar, inlaid with round M meteorite, combining contemporary fashion style with the mysterious culture of the East, creating a deep mysterious feeling, wearing more distinctive.

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