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Men’s bracelets and rings recommendations

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Bracelets : The charm of details on the wrist

To create a unique vision or to convey your own attitude, details are the biggest plus point. Especially in the wrist. The choice of bracelets is an addition to your taste.

Nialaya, a fashionable brand from Hollywood, is made of natural stone beads, shell beads, turquoise, silver plating and various alloys. The designs are fashionable, exaggerated and full of wisdom, cleverly fusing rock punk style and French elegance together, using unique exotic culture and style to form a unique design concept. Their bracelets are bold and sexy and elegant.

In addition to silver bracelets and rope bracelets, many men choose to wear natural crystal bracelets. The selection is based on the variety, origin and cut.

Because natural stones have the value of collection, artificially treated synthetic stones are not natural and do not have the value of collection.

AWNL is a brand with the core of “exploring the rare natural materials that contain spiritual energy”, persistently collecting from the world’s authentic and high-quality mines and using its own gemstone polishing process to perfectly present the spiritual energy contained in natural materials.

AWNL is constantly pushing the boundaries of modern jewelry with its extensive use of gold and silver. Their house often uses rare and rare crystals, such as Numite and Dragon’s Eye stone.

The AWNL DARK STAR bracelet is inspired by the black hole that contains great cosmic energy, and the center of the bracelet is shaped as a black hole energy ball, giving the wearer the powerful force of the universe.

The bracelet is made of Numite, one of the oldest ores on earth, which is a unique gemstone in Greenland. Recognized as the stone of magic, it has been an essential artifact for European soothsayers since the Middle Ages, used in magical rituals, divination and prediction of the future. Wearing a Numite stone means “medieval magic gemstone energized to bring luck and blessing.”

AWNL Aurora Borealis High Luxury Semi-Chain Gemstone Bracelet combines the oldest crystal in the world of crystals – the “Aurora Borealis 23 Crystal”, which was formed over 1.2 billion years ago and contains 23 minerals – with a Nordic spiritual design. The special feature of this collection is that AWNL combines the difficulty of manufacturing and polishing with the comfort of wearing, and presents the high performance of manufacturing technology and design art.

Rings: Style play on the finger

Rings can follow the movement of the hand and appear in the eyes of others. A ring in a conspicuous position is an attractive presence among accessories. By picking the right ring for you, the whole person’s temperament can be enhanced.

Thomas sabo, a German fashion silver jewelry brand. The brand’s high sensitivity to materials, infinite love of details, and sixth sense of fashion have made the brand’s style more and more distinctive and unique.

His men’s rings are full of sophistication. Whether it is a leopard’s head, a cross, or an armor or skull, the brand presents it with delicate strokes, allowing a sense of wildness and elegance to be combined in one piece, adding greatly to the temperament and atmosphere of a man of style.

In ancient times, wearing a ring made of precious crystals represented a person’s dignity and wealth; AWNL Discoverer Collection, tapping into the natural energy crystals hidden deep in the earth, creates this Discoverer Black Onyx Shield Guardian Ring for men.

Set with mysterious Brazilian black onyx, it signifies the repelling of negative energy and brings courage and confidence to the wearer. The shield-shaped lines are shaped to represent protection and strength. Wearing this cool ring it represents the vast history of the earth, so ancient and legendary. Feel “energized by billions of years”.


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