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tibet trip

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Tibet is truly the roof of the world. It is the source of famous rivers like the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, and Indus; it is a Buddhist holy land, where you can see Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags hanging all around; it is a sacred place, where there are magnificent monasteries sitting on halfway down the snow-capped mountains, under the blue sky, or close to the pure lakes. More than 2 million foreign travelers visit Tibet every year. They come to this land and visit the iconic images like the prominent historical architectures – Potala Palace, mystical Jokhang Temple; go for adventure by bike riding on the way to Namtso or suburb of Lhasa City; go to see Mt. Everest – a trip to Everest Base Camp could be an unforgettable memory of your life.Get more information for you Tibet trip.

where is Tibet?

Tibet Autonomous Region, located in the southwest of China with a land area of 1.22 million square kilometers, is the second-largest province in China. As one of the 5 Ethnic Minority Autonomous Region in China, Tibet borders the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province to the north, Sichuan and Yunnan to the east, India, Nepal, Sikkim, and Burma to the south, and this borderline is about 4,000 kilometers. Lying on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau with an average altitude of 4,000 meters, Tibet is the highest region in the world and called “roof of the world”.Plateau of tibet on map of asia as picture shows.

In general, the best time to go to Tibet is March-November every year. And the common peak season is July, August, and September because the weather condition is good and oxygen content is high. In fact,Tibet has its special charm all year round.

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