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What is the best necklace for a guy to wear?

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I think men can wear jewelry too, but why do they rarely wear it?

Because men can choose from fewer categories of jewelry than women. In addition, men’s jewelry is more textured and heavy to wear to show decency, the starting price is higher.

Another reason is that there are fewer brands that focus on men’s jewelry, which is also the reason why we see so few men wearing jewelry. But there are men’s jewelry that do a better job.

The natural attributes of jewelry and men are determined. Jewelry is originally above the survival and necessity of life consumption, has a great decorative and show-off function, and thus the motivation to wear must be based on economic affluence or sensual aesthetics.

Most men, the result of self-physiological and psychosocial projections are on the rational side, and the decorative and show-off function of jewelry will be replaced by more straightforward items, such as cars and designer clothes. As for the preference for jewelry brought about by aesthetics, it is only a minority. Therefore, the percentage of men who wear jewelry is naturally not high.

In fact, there are some very suitable for men to wear jewelry on the market today, take the pearl-like products necklace.

Interpreting fashion with pearls – men and pearls are also very compatible. In fact, it is not difficult to see, in all the pearls, black pearls are very versatile, men if you want to have a pearl jewelry, but do not want to be too ostentatious, black pearls can be considered the first choice.” Soccer star” Beckham, “Hollywood man” Brad Pitt has worn black pearls in public, a single pearl with a simple black leather cord, introverted and textured.

Are other colors of pearls suitable for men? Of course, they’re also perfect. When Warren attended a brand event, he wore an asymmetrical workwear design with a pearl chain accessory. Here he chose a non-circular pearl, a white, asymmetrical pearl to match his white color scheme, highlighting the elegance and quietness of the musical talent. Cai Xu Kun, Wang Yibo, Xu Wei Zhou and a host of other male stars, also wear pearl jewelry out of the new style.

Pearl necklace and street flavor is very heavy metal necklace with wear, or just with a sense of fashion pearl earrings, really super fashionable. In addition, foreign Rappers also interpreted the coolest way to wear pearl jewelry, big gold chains, diamond necklaces, pearl jewelry stacking way, the pearl to street culture, pearl is no longer a symbol of the dainty little girl, and became the cool guy standard!

Of course, if you feel that this street style is not your style, then the following small fashion items, perhaps can become your choice. The pearl chain ring earrings are cleverly placed at the pocket as a brooch with this creative collocation, which makes people bright and full of fashion sense, and under the slight yellow light, the juvenile and mature sense coexist.

If you want to find a pearl necklace that suits you, you can head to this website  to pick one, where pearl necklaces are not only affordable but also in a variety of styles, so there will surely be one that suits your temperament.

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