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Deevynovel I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shotblog - Chapter 2448 - But an Actress Is Still Just an Actress wonderful pull recommend-p3
Wonderfulfiction - Chapter 2448 - But an Actress Is Still Just an Actress applaud toes reading-p3

Novel-I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot-I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot
Chapter 2448 - But an Actress Is Still Just an Actress squalid playground
The employee believed the identify was well known when Shen Rou known as Qiao Mianmians identity.
The staff member sensed the name was familiarized when Shen Rou referred to as Qiao Mianmians brand.
The worker was amazed, and then she felt this was common.
The appreciate rival was mad.
When it wasnt Mo Yesi, which person could possibly have this sort of seems and personality?
Shen Rou should be very distressed to discover Qiao Mianmian.
Whether it wasnt Mo Yesi, which guy can have this sort of appears and temperament?
Following being aware of Qiao Mianmians ident.i.ty, the worker quickly suspected Mo Yesis ident.i.ty.
Qiao Mianmians In Case You Cant Appreciate chance her to popularity, and the employee possessed witnessed it just before.
Of course, its me. Qiao Mianmian smiled again and claimed little by little, Pass up Shen is appropriate. A big legend much like me should put on a mask when going outside. In fact, I actually have lots of followers. Im distinct from Miss Shen, who wont be chased about for autographs and pics.
She was originally mocking Qiao Mianmian, but immediately after remaining mocked in exchange, her concept darkened.
In the end, I dont would like to be a lowly actress.
I dont want that expertise.
Indeed, its me. Qiao Mianmian smiled again and reported gradually, Miss Shen is appropriate. A major star just like me has got to have on a face mask when going out. In the end, I have lots of supporters. Im not the same as Skip Shen, who will not be chased all around for autographs and pics.
Needless to say, Im not the same as you. Shen Rou quickly looked at a counterattack. Her mouth curled to a disdainful look as she mentioned calmly, What exactly if superstars have lots of enthusiasts? They often seem to be a huge problem, but theyre just stars in upper-cla.s.s world.
Not surprisingly, Miss Shen might be unable to expertise this. Its normal that you really dont realize.
After all, I dont would like to be a lowly actress.
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The staff member was stunned, however she noticed that was normal.
So, the large customer who appeared to obtain an extraordinary condition was Chairman Mo?
In the end, I dont want to be a lowly actress.
Then, the employee recalled the rumor on Weibo and investigated Qiao Mianmian and Shen Rou meaningfully.
The appreciate rival was furious.
Shen Rou has to be very troubled to check out Qiao Mianmian.
Other was Mo Yesis existing fiance, and so they have been intending to get married.
Both the people today standing upright ahead of her.
Needless to say, Internet marketing different from you. Shen Rou quickly thought of a counterattack. Her lips curled to a disdainful laugh as she mentioned calmly, Just what exactly if stars have loads of admirers? They can seem to be a big issue, but theyre just actors in top-cla.s.s world.
Certainly, Miss out on Shen might not be able to expertise this. Its ordinary which you dont comprehend.
Qiao Mianmian turned around. Although she was putting on a mask, Shen Rou could still understand her voice.
The superior of this mall?!
Skip Shen, thats a coincidence. Qiao Mianmian had off her face mask and smiled at Shen Rou.
Both the folks position ahead of her.
Would they beat?
In fact, I dont want to be a lowly actress.
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She really accepted she had been a massive superstar.
She pursed her lip area and glared at her.

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