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A proposito di vastuindiariya


Vastu is not only a science which helps in bringing peace and harmony at a place but it is also a nature art which helps in nurturing the person many ways possible. Vastu helps in designing a house in such a way which helps the person live in comfort. There are many ways in which vastu can ease the mind, body and soul like the architecture is designed in such a way that the person can take adequate amount of sunlight, air and space so that he feels refreshed and nourished. Vastu is majorly responsible in eliminating the negative vibrations from a house as it can bring a drastic change in the living of the person. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj has always been very particular and careful about the vastu technicalities as every detailing matter in vastu and it can leave a major impact in the vibration of the house in many ways. Dr. Bhardwaj has been awarded by electronic media and print media masses for his commendable work. He has been honored with millions of trophies and medals across the globe because his work speaks louder than him each time. There are many reasons which say that he is the best vastu consultant in India.

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